Not drinking a six-pack and/or a full bottle of wine every other night is really hard for me, guys.

But I’m doing it.  I think that might be why I’ve been having all of these negative feelings lately.

I’ve been thinking about it: This is the longest bout I’ve gone without drinking every other night (at least) in years.  I’ve gone about a 1-1/2 months without any alcohol.  But it’s now been nearly 3 months of drinking significantly less…

Feelings are dumb.  But necessary.

That feeling when you craft an eloquent, poignant discussion/conclusion section of a report that not only ties directly back to the objectives of the research activity but clearly lays out some next steps…

Fuck.  Yeah.  It makes the late nights worth it.  For the moment, anyway.  In about five minutes I’ll be back to the anxiety and depressive symptoms.

There’s a lot going on in my head lately.  Sorting through it has been a mindfuck.

I’m not done.  There’s still a pile of untagged thoughts that need a home.

But one thing I know for sure? I need to be as distraction-free at work as possible. For at least a few days. I need to catch-up. Maybe clearing the deck will help me find more time to do what I really need to do to help me sort this shit out.

To think.  I need more time to think.  To process.  And to feel.

Wait are you insulting KISS? Cause if you are I’m not sure we can be friends anymore. Nah its cool those bums deserve it. Jerks brainwashed me years ago and like some sort of cult follower I keep coming back even though I know it is wrong

That search was actually inspired by Paul Stanley’s recent experience on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.  I had never really heard him talk about the band before, and it’s obvious he views his role (both in life and within the band) very differently from Gene Simmons (who is pretty much the public face of the band).

Regardless of the music they generate and how you may/may not like it, they really are more of a brand rather than a band to listen to for most people out there.

Listening to Stanley talk about the band is shockingly different.